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Notes From Colege: Developing Snarkiness

Just to prove to you guys of what I have to put up with in my computer game development class, I am going to transpose my notes from my notebook. Now these notes are taken from actual comments from the teacher/students as part of our intelligent curriculuum. Some of these my not make any sense out of context but that's what makes them fun though, right? So Allengator's Bloggity Blog Blog Blog Presents:

Notes From Colege!
(Yes, I misspelled it on purpose...)

As mentioned earlier, my computer game development class has really opened me up to possibilities. Those possibilites have also opened up the floodgates or some sarcastic notes. Take this for example, as stated in an earlier entry:

"Cows dream of infinity, but are stupid."

First off, my teacher also runs a farm (nerds can own farms? I didn't see that in life's manual...), so cow analogies are often and often hilarious. I got a big kick out of that one.

"Superbowl commercials are a conspiracy."

This statement rings so true in many ways. The way we talked about is how some certain commercials, especially for beer and the like, how the product preceeds the person. In other words, the beer might move around and the next shot is of a woman's buzooms in the same spot. Conspiracy? I say yes.

"Will one of us wake up and not exist?"

I thought about adding "Are we brains in a jar", but this sums it up nicely. What would really stink is that all of my blogs would cease to exist. All those hours of typing, wasted.....

"Jogging is not a game."

Here, Here! The winner gets an asthma attack....WHAT?

"Shaq is a sham."

A little "Shaq-Fu" to fill up the nostrils. Yeah, he might play a whole 3 minutes of a major NBA game, but get aid more than the others on the court. Fair? I'd say....who cares, it's not like I'll be jogging on the court because as we have earlier stated, jogging is not a sport, so basketball should be null and void.

"Data is always represented as a cylindar."

Anyone who takes computer science classes knows that is a QFT.

"Warthogs can jump."

We watched a video of "warthogs" "jumping"....twice. Non-gamers would be like, "What the.....", but anyone who is into gaming knows what I am talking about. I loved the whole shooting it twice in the air.

Last but not least, my absolute favorite since I am a Super Smash Bros. fan.

"My character [Luigi] died because of his retard rocket." - Lurch

Thank you Lurch for that quote. It was perfect.

Once again, I am totally not making these up. These are true quotes and observations from this class, so I hope you are all learned more than you were. If not, your non-money gladly refunded. I'll do this again soon.

The Allengator
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