Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Lamenting Over Accruels

I coulda sworn I updated this thing yesterday....oh well.

Let me give you guys a piece of advice. NEVER......TAKE.......ACCOUNTING.

I haven't had such a hard time in a class in forever. Seriously. I can do college algebra on a whim. I can handle precalc, or even regular calculus. Heck, finitie mathematics looks like its a cinch. Accounting is mainly adding and subtracting. Easy, right?


I am fully convinced that accounting was invented by the devil, as torture for people who love patterns. I love patterns. There ARE NO PATTERNS IN ACCOUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would much rather take calculus-based physics over this junk.

I'm never going to use it.

I'm never going to enjoy it.

I will never enjoy it.

But its required.......

*Bashes head against wall and screams bloody murder.*

I mean, sure, I got perfect and near perfect scores on my homework, but that was after hours of grueling work and rechecking upon rechecking the rechecked figures. I am so lucky the homeworks are not one shots or two shots, or else I would be not passing.


They say accounting is a science. Pishaw! I can relatively understand about any science you throw at me. I can understand equations you hand me. I can understand terms and why they work. It all makes since. I can see how things are interrelated. I have absolutely no idea how someone confused accounting for that. No way. No tutoring, because evidently no one else understands it either, and I supposedly have the BEST teacher in the field to learn from. Real comment from actually acconting students: "If you can't understand accounting from him, there is no hope for you understanding." *Cries*

Why am I going into this? Because.....ok, I have no reason. I wil make it. Barely, but I will.

Do you have to look forward to hearing me complain accounting all school year? You betcha.

I won't try to do that on purpose, but it will happen.

The Allengator

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