Allen (allengator86) wrote,

I See a Blue Truck in the Parking Lot

Ignore the title. My creativity as of late has been terrible.

I have plans for some awexome audio blogs, but unfortunately, I need my cool lappy to do it, and I still have the crappy lappy. :P Hopefully it will be in my posession soon.

I gave my third sermon Sunday night. It went ok, but it wasn't stellar by any means. I did an expository on II Timothy 4:2. I'm going to do my next one as an expository as well, on the Ethiopian Eunich. I might be going to Louisburg and preaching at Myron's. Sweet.

I'm due to have lunch with Daniel today. After that I am going to run over to the nearest Wall*Mart Stupidcenter to get my copy of Heroes Season 1, a new set of headphones, and some insoles. My feet hurt, so sue me.

Work isn't worth mentioning right now. It just kinda stinks.

I worked pretty hard on my profiles online. I updated the one on here, on xanga, facebook, and myspace, to be current, although I have to change facebook's again because I just finished "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish" and am starting "Mostly Harmless" now. The end was sad. Evidently, God's final message to man was "We Apologize for the Inconvinience. Heh. Marvin bit the bullet though :(. He said he was some 37 times older than the universe itself. I hope he's under warranty.......

School is ok. Nothing major to report. Just wanted to shout out to my friends in classes, especially Computer Game Development. Last Thursday was fun.

Personally, I have a problem with a couple of things. They have really been making me mad, and I am putting this on the web for all to see. I don't normally do this, but they kind of deserve it. Yeah, they might hate me if they could comprehend what blogging is all about, but they have made me mad.

My cats.

They are in the human equivalent to the "terrible twos" right now. They are tearing up anything they can find, wrestle, and try everything short of murdering us. I hope its "just a phase". I hope. Straighten up you two!

Ok, my grievences are over.

Todays blog is kinda long because I do not know how much time I will have of doing it later this week, with the Heroes DVD, homework, work, and studying in general. I might be out of town tomorrow, depending on sources.

I need a girlfriend. I just need one. Bleh. I'm tired of how it is now. I just want a kiss and a longing.....

*Several futile hours of rambling later* I'm all depressed :(

Ok, not really ;). I bounce right back.

Pearls has been awesome this week. Crocs 0wn.

In closing, be nice to the air particles about you. If they leave you, then you'll suffocate, so be sure to thank them from time to time. If people look at you weird, just slap 'em.

The blue truck left :(. Good riddance.

The Allengator

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