Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Video Game Devephilosophylopment Class

"I decided to only speak in quotable phrases."
- Bucky Katt

Hey everyone.

Computer Game Development really screwed with my head last night. It was more of a philosophy class than anything. We sat there and talked about games, sure, but we were setting the foundation for the rest of the course. I ask you this. What is a game? Not a question you think of. I mean yes, you can identify a game, but can you define it? What about irony. Can you give a concrete deffinition for irony?

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What about pretending? I mean at what point does a person blur the point between reality and fantasy? What about children? What about hypnotism? Brainwashing even? Are we living in a matrix? Do cows stand around contemplating about advanced theorems of infinity?

What makes fair fair? I mean if everyone has a different deffinition to fair, then how do we decide what is fairest? What about handicaps? Are those fair? But again, what is fair?

What about gambling? Is that a game, or just entertainment. What will the next generation of videogames look like? Will the next Wii be called the Wii Nee? What about metarules? Who decides what the rules now are? Once again, what is a fair rule?

I didn't know I was signing up for a philosophy class. Oh well, it was a good excercise for the mind. Sorry if I messed with yours any, but then again, I hope it makes you think. See all of you later, unless we are just a figment of someones imagination.....right :P.

The Allengator

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