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Ice Storm of 2007 (Boy That Sounds All Official and Stuff...)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Another quick note.

I would have updated yesterday, but our electricity has been going on and off, better safe than sorry. Electricity-wise, we are very lucky to still have it on. Damage-wise, it'll take days, if not weeks to clean up our yard. I only had time to upload new photos onto xanga, so here are the links.

Wave 1

Wave 3

I did not get wave 2 because it did not do much, and it was extremely dangerous to go out. Thankfully there have not been any recorded fatalities, but plenty of people in the hospitals and shelters right now. Take it from someone who knows, if you do not HAVE to go out, don't. The wind is STILL tearing down limbs and it won't stop as we are having extremely frigid conditions. The first day we are above freezing is yet to be known. Schools, businesses (except wall*mart of course), and churches are shut down for another day or so. I really really really hope that OTC gets its act together and cancel tomorrow. As of now, its pretty much the only college open tomorrow. Go figure.

I better go. Again, please drop me a line to let me know everything is ok. I'm starting to worry about some people....

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