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Quick Truths - Vol. 1
Ok, these are truths that I have come up with. Whether you agree with them or not, it's your problem, heh. So here we go!

Truth: MY blog is awexome!

Truth: Electronic Items break the day after warranty!

Truth: Two jobs in life are certain, mortician and tax collectors.

Truth: There is ALWAYS enough toothpaste in a tube for one more brushing.

Truth: I love Erin.

Truth: You all said aww after the last truth.

Truth: One day we will be able to live in space and give new meaning to the term "space junk".

Truth: Howard Stern should be on a sattelite....notice no radio on the end of that.

Truth: Nascar is fun to watch on TV when the electricity is off.

Truth: For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

Truth: Everytime someone says the word "ain't", God kills a country singer.

Truth: Country singers give birth like bunnies, so we'll ALWAYS be outnumbered, no matter how many times we say, "ain't".

I hope you enjoyed these, some.....

CONFORM! SAY AIN'T!!!!!!!!!!

The Allengator


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